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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lil Wayne's Security Busted For Playing Mr. Officers

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne's security have reportedly caught fire and been arrested for impersonating police officers following an Indiana concert.

Details of the incident landed across the Internet Thursday (April 14).

Using flashing lights and sirens to escort the tour bus of rapper Lil Wayne has landed two Indianapolis security guards in legal trouble. Ronald Harrod and Larry Richardson have been arrested and charged with impersonating police for the alleged act as they led a group of buses with the rapper and his entourage from Assembly Hall in Bloomington to a nightclub. Bloomington police allege the two were in an unmarked Ford Crown Victoria and wearing clothes that looked like police uniforms with gun belts. (WCSI News)

Prior to reaching their destination, Wayne's security were stopped by actual police.

Officers talked to Richardson, who was driving the Crown Victoria. He was wearing a police-style uniform with sergeant stripes and a sewn-on officer badge. He also had a side arm, and in his car were a dashboard computer, handcuffs and a police interceptor. Officers asked him for ID, and he admitted he wasn't a police officer. But, he said, he worked for a security company and had credentials to conduct an escort. Harrod was driving the Intrepid. He was wearing a police-style shirt and jacket and had a gun belt with a handgun and handcuffs. Harrod told police he worked for the security company and thought he could drive with his lights on. Police discovered his license was suspended. (IDS News)

The men in question claim they reportedly had clearance to escort Wayne out.

Lil Wayne was in Bloomington to perform at Tuesday's Little 500 kick-off at Indiana University. Police say Richardson led a caravan of tour buses in a car that had flashing red and blue lights and sirens blaring. Harrod was behind the caravan in another car that also had red and blue flashing lights. Bloomington Police Department Capt. Joe Qualters says the men said they had permission and credentials to drive with lights and sirens. (The Republic)

Outside of his security enforcement, Wayne recently dismissed rumors claiming he was dating his stylist.

"Everybody out there owe somebody a real big apology. This Marissa right here, this is my stylist," Wayne said in a video. "See, this is the reason I'm flyer than all you n*ggas, you understand? This is my stylist, she's been my stylist for years...There's a rumor out right now saying this is my girl 'cause I had my arm around her. My arm is around her right now, my arm is always around her, this is my dude. This is my homie right here. And all them little things you saying that [she's] a cougar and all that, we not with that over there." 

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