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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cali Teacher Couple Lures Student Home With Booze and Rape Him … Repeatedly


A crazed couple in California have been arrested for baiting a former student to their home with food, liquor and their hot tub? The two teachers allegedly coaxed the boy, then 17-years-old, to get into their hot tub naked and, from that point, the abuse went on for a year. These two nasties have been charged with oral copulation with a minor, sodomy with a person under the age of 18, unlawful sexual intercourse and possession of child pornography … because, in true pedophile fashion, they took pictures.

Two married teachers from California have been charged with molesting and taking naked photos of a 17-year-old boy after plying him with booze, according to police.

Daniel Alma Shepard, 62, and his wife Gay Davidson-Shepard, 59, allegedly lured the teen to their home with promises of alcohol, food, movies, and trips to their hot tub.

The Huntington Beach couple was arrested on Wednesday and charged with multiple felony counts including oral copulation of a minor and sodomy with a person younger than 18.

In addition, Davidson-Shepard was charged with unlawful sexual intercourse and her husband with possession of child pornography.

The sex acts occurred on a weekly basis between April and December 2009. At the time, Alma Shepard was a biology teacher at Westminster High
School and Davidson-Shepard taught at Mesa View Middle School, according to the Orange County Register.

Prosecutors said Alma Shepard met the alleged victim while he was a student at Westminster High School.

The couple sexually assaulted the boy for the first time after they allegedly got into their hot tub naked in April 2009 and encouraged the teen to do the same.

The teen told his mother what happened last month and she contacted police.

If convicted Alma Shepard faces up to five years behind bars while his wife faces up to eight years and four months. They posted $150,000 bail on Thursday.

As appalling as this story is, you have to wonder – at 17-years old you know when you’re being molested, abused and sexually assaulted – so why continue to return to the scene of the crime … every weekend … for a year? There’s clearly more to this story. SMH.  -KING-

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