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Monday, April 25, 2011

50 Cent Asks What If, "Banks Would Have Sold 5 Mil If I Was In Jail"


G-Unit's 50 Cent recently shared his input on Lil Wayne and what could have made Lloyd Banks' record sales soar.

50 believes Weezy's protege, Drake, reached early success because he served time behind bars last year.

"It's impossible to make that guy disappear when his light shines as bright as his does," 50 said referring to Lil Wayne. "I think [Lloyd] Banks would have sold 5 mil if I was in jail during the period when his album was released. It was a way for a Wayne fan to be just a Drake fan during that time." (VIBE)

Last summer, 50 said Wayne was borrowing Jay-Z's style.

A lot of things in music/entertainment are recycled. It's gonna sound like a diss, but it's no disrespect that you would see Lil Wayne wear a little black vest and that hat. I saw Cyndi Lauper wearing that; it was [just] on a different artist. And even the glasses that Jay-Z had on, that is Frank Sinatra. These are all iconic pieces coming back." (Rap-Up)

Banks' latest album, The Hunger For More 2, charted in the Top 50 after one week in stores last November.

G-Unit member Lloyd Banks' Hunger For More 2 debuted on the chart this week finding a spot at No. 26. After seven days in stores, the "Punch Line King's" newest solo effort managed to sell 44,500 records. -KING-

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